ASUCD Election Data & History

This is an unofficial archive of the history of Choice Voting Elections in ASUCD from Fall 2003 to present. Read on to find out what you can find on this website. If you are just trying to get to the official ASUCD Elections website:

The Elections section will provide you with links to overviews of every election since the Fall 2003 ASUCD Election as well as the ballot data for all of those elections (except two executive races).

The Analysis section has information that spans multiple elections.

  • The Elections History page has information about the major electoral changes made in ASUCD over the years.
  • The Voter Turnout page has tables and graphs of voter turnout in ASUCD Elections.
  • The Slates page has information about past and present ASUCD slates.
  • The Aggie Endorsements page lists the candidates that were endorsed by The California Aggie for each election.
  • Coming soon… The Facts page has random facts, analysis and information about ASUCD Elections.
  • Coming soon…The Executive Elections page is a list of ASUCD Executive Elections from 2001-present and some analysis about them.

The Campaigns section has information about campaigns to alter or enforce the ASUCD Constitution or ASUCD Election bylaws.

  • The Choice Voting Amendment page has information about the Choice Voting Amendment (CVA) that passed in the Winter 2003 ASUCD Election and enacted Choice Voting at UC Davis for ASUCD Elections. All of the information in the CVA section is taken from the Davis College Green Party website.
  • The Open Government page has information on two Davis College Green Party campaigns that resulted in ASUCD releasing election ballot data and posting their government documents online. All of the information in the Open Gov’t section is taken from the Davis College Green Party website.
  • The Countback Amendment page provides information on Countback Elections, which is how ASUCD replaces Senators that vacate their seats before their terms are up, and the campaign leading to its enactment.

The Software page provides some links to programs that will let you actually use the ballot data found on this website.

The FAQ section has answers to several questions you may have about this site.