Fall 2010 ASUCD Election


Senate Candidates

NameSlate1st Round Votes
Andre LeeBOLD521
Rebecca SterlingBOLD461
Darwin MoosaviBOLD339
Matt ProvencherBOLD312
Emmanuel Diaz-OrdazIndependent267
Tatiana Moana BushLEAD264
Cameron BrownIndependent256
Kase WheatleyLEAD210
Brendan EdwardsBOLD197
Puneet DhillionLEAD135
Zachary HansenLEAD97
Prince GirmLEAD77

Senate Turnout

Valid Votes3136
Abstained Votes18
Total Voters (Turnout)3154

The threshold for this Senate election was 449.

Slate Representation


The final seat was decided by less than 4 votes between the two Independent candidates. With four more votes Cameron Brown would have been elected instead of Emmanuel Diaz-Ordaz. I believe this is the closest election in any Choice Voting election at UC Davis.

Election Files