Fall 2012 ASUCD Election


Senate Candidates

NameSlate1st Round Votes
Armando FigueroaSMART669
Alyson SagalaSMART524
Tal TopfNOW481
Liam BurkeIndependent475
Felicia OngNOW473
Maxwell KappesIndependent440
Jonathan YipNOW372
Robert HelfendNOW348
Olivia BrownSMART325
Kevin PelstringNOW320
David BelcherIndependent210
Kirby AraulloSMART166
Lee LoSMART115
Gloria ChenIndependent45

Senate Turnout

Valid Votes4963
Abstained Votes45
Total Voters (Turnout)5008

The threshold for this Senate election was 710.

Slate Representation

Ballot Measures

NamesYes VotesNo VotesAbstainsTotal Voters
Constitutional Amendment292815221695249


Alyson Sagala resigned her seat and a countback election was held to fill the Senate vacancy. Olivia Brown was elected to fill the remainder of Alyson’s term.

Election Files