Fall 2018 ASUCD Election


Senate Candidates

NameSlate1st Round Votes
Maya BarakUnite398
Alexis RamirezBASED311
Noah PearlUnite290
Ricky ZapardielUnite214
Sean KumarUnite207
Peiyuan (Tony) ChenBASED179
Francisco Lopez MontanoUnite159
Kevin ButtIndependent156

Senate Turnout

Valid Votes1914
Abstained Votes120
Total Voters (Turnout)2034

The threshold for this Senate election was 274.

Slate Representation

Ballot Measures

NamesYes VotesNo VotesAbstainsTotal Voters
ASUCD Constitutional Cleanup Amendment1590593852034
ASUCD Elections Committee Amendment14151224972034
ASUCD Student Advocate Amendment1621973162034
Make External Affairs Vice President an elected position and change the Vice President to Internal Vice President11822815712034


The “ASUCD Constitutional Cleanup Amendment” removed the Countback election as the means for filling a Senate vacancy and gave it to the President upon approval of the Senate. There was no good reason for this change because the Countback Amendment already addressed the possibility of no eligible candidates wanting the position or the winner of the Countback election not meeting a vote threshold. The fallback was the President appointing someone upon approval of the Senate to fill the seat until the next Senate election. The current change lets the “Interim Senator” serve the remainder of the original term, even if there is an election before that date to get an actual elected Senator. Apparently no one in ASUCD at the time knew what “interim” means either.

Essentially the ASUCD Senate and President proposed taking the power to elect Senators away from student voters to give it entirely to themselves, bundled that proposal with other changes, and then gave it an Orwellian name that was guaranteed to pass.

Par for the course in ASUCD!

Election Files