Fall 2019 ASUCD Election


Senate Candidates

NameSlate1st Round Votes
JB MartinezThrive234
Mahan CardunyThrive231
Samantha BoudaieThrive230
Khalil MalikBASED208
Juan David VelascoThrive183
Amanjot Singh GandhokeThrive153
Camille RandolphBASED142
Karolina RodriguezBASED124
Michelle HuaBASED90
Jenna DiCarloThrive89
Purva BhattacharjeeBASED83
Ratnapala GamageBASED69
Violeta RuizBASED27

Senate Turnout

Valid Votes2010
Abstained Votes104
Total Voters (Turnout)2114

The threshold for this Senate election was 288.

Slate Representation

Ballot Measures

NamesYes VotesNo VotesAbstainsTotal Voters
Elections Timing Amendment5878926352114
Impeachment and Removal Amendment15113072962114
Judicial Council Reform Amendment72710193682114
Worker Student Solidarity Commission Amendment72811042822114


The Creative Media report for the Senate mentions a “F.U.C.K.” slate with one candidate. A slate cannot be one person by my definition so I do not recognize it here.

Election Files