Spring 2022 ASUCD Election


Senate Candidates

NameSlate1st Round Votes
Juliana Martinez HernandezRise481
Priya TalrejaRise341
Eustacio AlamillaINDEPENDENTS258
Francisco OjedaIndependent205
Zeph SchnelbachIndependent200
Omri Steinberg-tatmanINDEPENDENTS170
Julia ShurmanINDEPENDENTS166

Senate Turnout

Valid Votes1821
Abstained Votes1808
Total Voters (Turnout)3629

The threshold for this Senate election was 261.

Slate Representation


Executive Tickets

NamesSlate1st Round Votes1st Round %
Radhika Gawde &
JT Eden

Executive Turnout

Total Valid Votes2036
Total Abstained Votes1591
Total Voters (Turnout)3627

Student Advocate


NamesSlate1st Round Votes1st Round %
Travis HaskinIndependent1862100

Student Advocate Turnout

Total Valid Votes1862
Total Abstained Votes1765
Total Voters (Turnout)3627

Ballot Measures

NamesYes VotesNo VotesAbstainsTotal Voters
Consideration of changing the UC Davis mascot from the mustang to a cow25329361593627
Democracy in Recalls Increased and Preserved (DRIP) Amendment235619710743627
Eliminate the Portion of CEI Fee that makes Undergraduates Pay Over $200 to Fund ICA Athletic Scholarships25426983873627
Eliminate the Portion of the SASI Fee that makes Undergraduates Pay Over $300 to Fund ICA Operating Expenses25396704183627


The two ballot measures about fees failed because they did not reach the 20% voter turnout requirement.

Eustacio Alamilla, Julia Shurman, and Omri Steinberg-tatman were listed as part of the “INDEPENDENTS!” slate and were officially recognized by ASUCD as a slate.

I believe this is when the ASUCD Senate changed the bylaws to prevent slates from existing for more than one election. As a result I will no longer bother to color code the slates on the site.

Election Files