Winter 2005 ASUCD Election


Senate Candidates

NameSlate1st Round Votes
Rob RoyFUCK544
Avanindar 'Avi' SinghIndependent386
Arsen 'Ari' KalfayanStudent Focus278
Cindy YuStudent Focus214
Eric FoxIndependent202
Kyle KeeneLEAD180
Ami VoraStudent Focus173
Kale JenksStudent Focus169
Andrew WongLEAD168
Jonathon LeathersIndependent158
Behzad FarahbakhshIndependent151
Devin WhitneyLEAD133
Nadeah ValiLEAD132
Paul IvanovFUCK117
Ann Marie SanchezLEAD104
Justin HouranyIndependent99
Gemma JimenezLEAD97
Kristen BirdsallFUCK93
Pedro HernandezFUCK91
Teresa KennyFUCK68
Kai Savaree-RuessStudent Focus57
Chad 'Reverend' Van SchoelandtFUCK56
Mohammad 'Yahya' RouhaniFUCK48

Senate Turnout

Valid Votes3718
Abstained Votes0
Total Voters (Turnout)3718

The threshold for this Senate election was 414.

Slate Representation


Executive Tickets

NamesSlate1st Round Votes1st Round %
Caliph Assagai &
Darnell Holloway
Sapana Shende &
Jenni Beeman
Student Focus115133.2

Executive Turnout

Total Valid Votes3472
Total Abstained Votes246
Total Voters (Turnout)3718

Ballot Measures

NamesYes VotesNo VotesAbstainsTotal Voters
The IRS Amendment1001
ASUCD Court Amendment1001


At the time of this election, two Senators had resigned who were elected in Fall 2004: Sean Ruel and Nafeh Malik. There were interim Senators filling their seats but the ASUCD Constitution called for those appointed Senators to be replaced at the next election by elected Senators to fill the remainder of Sean and Nafeh’s terms. Thus, this election was for 8 seats with the 7th and 8th candidates elected filling the remainder of those terms.

Had there been only the 6 normal seats up for election, Eric Fox (Independent) and Nadeah Vali (LEAD) would not have been elected. Four relatively equal voting blocs with 8 open seats is an ideal situation for a proportional representation system. Having 8 open seats made this a unique election but having four equally supported voting blocs made it even more unique. It did not last long however because FUCK went from being the most popular slate in one election to not existing in the next election. There were also no significant Independent or “third party” slates that ran in the next election either.

Both measures passed although I do not have any further information. More information on the ballot measures.

Election Files