Winter 2009 ASUCD Election


Senate Candidates

NameSlate1st Round Votes
Joemar ClementeIndependent525
M. Momo NewbonLEAD524
Justin GoldACT518
Previn WitanaLEAD512
Shawdee RouhafzaLEAD477
Trevor TaylorLEAD465
Chintan DesaiLEAD464
Kevin MassoudiIndependent442
Will KleinACT354
Elle SegalLEAD328
Zaana HallACT287
Burke RosenIndependent222
Jeremia KimelmanIndependent195
Sanwarl LiIndependent188
Luka VidovicIndependent65

Senate Turnout

Valid Votes5566
Abstained Votes576
Total Voters (Turnout)6142

The threshold for this Senate election was 796.

Slate Representation


Executive Tickets

NamesSlate1st Round Votes1st Round %
Joe Chatham &
Chris Dietrich
Lula Ahmed-Falol &
Rebecca Schwartz

Executive Turnout

Total Valid Votes5665
Total Abstained Votes477
Total Voters (Turnout)6142

Ballot Measures

NamesYes VotesNo VotesAbstainsTotal Voters
The Green Initiative Fund1841324912186308
External Representation Amendment245066731426259
Interviewing Committee Update Act352938723216237


I do not know how there are 4 different results for turnout. None of the Ballot Measure numbers add up to the same number and none of them add up to the same number for the Senate/President numbers. I do not know how Creative Media came up with the Abstain numbers for the Ballot Measures. That Ballot Measure table is taken directly from the ASUCD Elections website, all I did was add the last column for the vote totals. Until I get additional information I will keep the turnout for this election on the Voter Turnout page at 6142.

The texts of the ballot measures can be found on DavisWiki.

Election Files