Winter 2013 ASUCD Election


Senate Candidates

NameSlate1st Round Votes
Ryan WondersNOW761
Amrit 'Kaur' SahotaNOW568
Ingrid 'Pamela' Nonga NgueNOW462
Jonathan YipNOW429
Yee XiongSMART407
Miles ThomasBEST392
Reuben TorresSMART369
Nicole 'Nikki' KimIndependent332
Chandler HillNOW318
Iris XieSMART263
Marissa AyalaBEST251
Joanna VillegasSMART245
Brendan CrottyBEST213
Justin DowdleNOW204
Araxya MovsisyanIndependent199
Roman RivilisIndependent172
Brittany GarzanitiSMART126
Evan RothsteinBEST88
Bryce FickBEST78

Senate Turnout

Valid Votes5877
Abstained Votes375
Total Voters (Turnout)6252

The threshold for this Senate election was 841.

Slate Representation


Executive Tickets

NamesSlate1st Round Votes1st Round %
Carly Sandstrom &
Bradley Bottoms
Paul Min &
Sergio Cano
Migz Espinoza &
Lane Lewis

Executive Turnout

Total Valid Votes6250
Total Abstained Votes2
Total Voters (Turnout)6252


SMART and FUQ supported each other and campaigned together. The BEST slate and Roman Rivilis supported the Independent executive ticket of Min/Cano.

Historical Notes:

  • This is the first ASUCD election since Winter 2005 to have three slates running five or more candidates for Senate.
  • This is the first ASUCD election in over 10 years that someone has been elected to the Presidency without first being elected to the Senate. Carly Sandstrom was appointed to the Senate to fill a vacancy but this was the first time she ran for office in ASUCD.
  • This is the first ASUCD election in over 10 years where a female presidential candidate defeated a male presidential candidate. However, in both the previous cases of a female presidential candidate losing to a male presidential candidate, the female presidential candidate also had a female running mate.
  • This is the first ASUCD election since at least Winter 2006 that The California Aggie endorsed an executive ticket that did not end up winning the election.

The following tables show information for Facebook events created by the candidates and tickets for the election. The numbers in the tables were as of 5pm on February 19, 2013 (the first day of voting). Yes is the number of people who accepted the event invitation. Maybe are those who said they may attend. Invited is the number of people who were invited to the event but did not choose Yes or Maybe. Candidates in bold were elected.

Amrit Kaur Sahota227261429
Joanna Villegas218681499
Pamela Nonga210532028
Yee Xiong200481539
Brittany Garzaniti176802748
Chandler Hill170431515
Ryan Wonders163481297
Reuben Torres159371556
Jonathan Yip151591829
Iris Xie148431830
Nikki Kim14024839
Marissa Ayala138391099
Roman Rivilis13524662
Miles Thomas13431627
Justin Dowdle12724814
Araxya Movsisyan11126795
Evan Rothstein8122585
Brendan Crotty7538398
Bryce Fick4818146
Exec TicketYesMaybeInvited
Carly Sandstrom & Bradley Bottoms400813378
Migz Espinoza & Lane Lewis322642589
Paul Min & Sergio Cano216822523

Election Files