Winter 2020 ASUCD Election


Senate Candidates

NameSlate1st Round Votes
Laura ElizaldeBASED1158
Shreya DeshpandeBASED1127
Tenzin YouedonBASED630
Amanjot GandhokeThrive580
Lucas FongThrive571
Roberto Rodriguez IbarraIndependent522
Madeline ThompsonThrive497
Derek FosterThrive487
Alexis Lopez-PerezBASED444
Jonathan IniguezThrive398
Alex CohenThrive386

Senate Turnout

Valid Votes6800
Abstained Votes3762
Total Voters (Turnout)10562

The threshold for this Senate election was 972.

Slate Representation


Executive Tickets

NamesSlate1st Round Votes1st Round %
Kyle Krueger &
Akhila Kandaswamy
Alisha Hacker &
Justin Weiner

Executive Turnout

Total Valid Votes6651
Total Abstained Votes3911
Total Voters (Turnout)10562

External Affairs Vice President


NamesSlate1st Round Votes1st Round %
Maria MartinezThrive307050.7
Adam HatefiIndependent298249.3

External Affairs Vice President Turnout

Total Valid Votes6052
Total Abstained Votes4510
Total Voters (Turnout)10562

Student Advocate


NamesSlate1st Round Votes1st Round %
Ashley Lo1100

Student Advocate Turnout

Total Valid Votes1
Total Abstained Votes0
Total Voters (Turnout)1

Ballot Measures

NamesYes VotesNo VotesAbstainsTotal Voters
Basic Needs & Services Referendum901899255210562
Constitutional Cleanup Amendment8126478195810562


This was the first election with the External Affairs Vice President on the ballot and the Student Advocate on the ballot.

The Student Advocate position is a non-partisan role. I believe Ashley Lo ran unopposed or the position. There is no report or ballot data on the ASUCD website for the Student Advocate race.

Election Files